12 Stunning Works Of Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art

1. Kaneki Ken By XiaoBotong:

This artwork by XiaoBotong shows great depth  and motion with good amount of detail and some neat textures as well.  The anatomy, facial features and clothing have been done  exceptionally well.


2. Tokyo Ghoul By ScentMelted:

This artwork by  scent melted features beautiful textures and lighting effects and a good blend of colours. Ken can be seen here leaning against a wall, striking a really cool pose and looking intently.


3. Tokyo Ghoul – Uta By Sh0tisha

This artwork by Sh0tisha Shows Uta with a cool hairdo, a tattoo and pendant on his neck, a loose fitting jacket and his fingers pointing to his head.  What can we say, it’s a beautiful piece of work.


4. Tokyo Ghoul By Keyade


This artwork by Keyade shows Kanekin in a solemn mood sitting on what seems to be a pavement with soft drink cans strewn around him. The textures are very well blended and go well with the setting.


5. Kaneki Ken By Kanekkiken22


This artwork by Kanekiken22 makes Kaneki look like a mafia boss with the coat, hairdo and aggressive look. There also seems to be a zip between his lips which seems to add to his boss like presence.


6. Uta – Unknown Artist


This Uta artwork shows Uta in a pair of ripped jeans  with some casual shoes, a neat hairdo and prominent red eyes. His eyes are intense but he looks like he is content and just chilling on a lazy afternoon.


7. Kaneki – Unknown Artist


In this artwork Ken looks like he has just witnessed the most hilarious thing ever and can’t stop smiling. The pinks and reds are well blended and a great design ofcourse.


8.Tokyo Ghoul Ken By  Jacky5493


This Tokyo ghoul  artwork by Jacky5493 is really beautiful  and shows Kaneki resting on a bed of what looks like lycoris flowers. A stream of blood is seen dripping down his nose and upper body. He looks like as if he has just lost someone or something.


9.Ken Kaneki By  Evil-Usagi:


This Tokyo ghoul artwork  by evil-usagi shows Kaneki with blood streaming down his mouth and throat and down his hands. He looks to be in absolute despair.


10. Tokyo Ghoul Artwork By Dayrili:


This artwork by Dayrili has Kaneki with a couple of chains  wrapped around his neck And he seems to be  trying to set himself free. There’s a good contrast of colours  however there also seems to be a lack of emotion in Kaneki’s expression.


11. Kaneki By  Azll:


This Artwork by Azll Shows Kaneki looking happy and very youthful. The hair has been done very well  as well as  the facial features such as the eyes mouth and nose.


12. Kaneki Ken Knuckle Crack By Akreon:


This artwork  by Akreon shows Kaneki doing the knuckle crack. He has a face mask on  and a well fitting full body suit. The blood art  in this artwork has been done exceptionally well.


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