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The walking dead is a brilliant of a series by Frank Darabont and is based on the walking dead comic series.
The story begins with a police officer by the name of Rick Grimes who finds out that the world is being taken over by zombies after waking up from a coma.

Grimes must unite with other survivors of this zombie Apocalypse if they wish to survive and make a stand against the walkers. However not all survivors have good intentions so Grimes has to be careful about whom he trusts as some of the survivors are far more vile than the walkers themselves. The walking dead series has been highly successful with the eight season already been confirmed and having won multiple television awards.

Once bitten scratched by a walker, a survivor will also turn into a walker so it is very important that the survivors their distance and arm themselves against the zombies.

The show has been running for about six years now and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in popularity. In fact Executive Producer David Alpert has mentioned that he already knows what season polis going to be like.

Apart from Grimes, other important characters in the walking dead include Shane Walsh who is his partner,Lori his wife, Carl his son, Hershel Greene a veterinarian, Maggie Greene (Herschel’s daughter), Daryl Dixon an expert in hunting both animals and walkers, Andrea a law firm clerk and Michonne a katana wielding survive with a mysterious past. The series begins with season one when Grimes wakes up from a coma and goes to Atlanta in search of his family. After being nearly attacked by walkers he is rescued by Glenn. He finds that his wife and son are camping with Glenn’s people later the group was attacked by walkers and a head over to the CDC by the shelter that.

In season two of the walking dead Carl gets shot and is then rescued by Herschel. Shane’s group faces a hostile attack from another set of survivors and Rick learns that everyone at the CDC is infected.

Season three introduces the Governor who is the brutal leader of Woodsbury. Lori dies from a cesarean section and Maggie and Glenn are captured.

In season four flu spreads across the prison population killing the residents who turn into walkers. The survivors reach a terminus sanctuary but are forced to disarm and are locked inside a boxcar.

In the walking dead season five Rick learns about cannibalism going on at the terminus where residents clear victims under the pretext of protection. Some of the victims managed to escape after walkers invade the terminus. This also stand off with police officers who had captured Beth who dies in the stand-off. The reunited group reaches a shelter in the Alexandria Safe zone .

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