13 Beautiful Works Of Pokemon Fan Art


This is a neat artwork of the large avian Pokémon Yveltal by mark331. The bird is depicted with its wings and tail fully extended and its head pushed  forward with piercing blue eyes. It’s  red underside and grey ruff make it look all the more menacing. The lighting and colours have been done very well.


2. Umbreon

A beautiful artwork of umbreon by falvie. The markings actually look like they glow and detailing on the fur and eyes has been done well. The artwork itself looks pretty realistic.


3. Squirtle:

This is a very cute artwork of Squirtle by mark331 showing him sitting on the porch and enjoying the warm sunshine. The shading, textures as well as Squirtle’s expressions are all very nice.


4.  Scizor- Unknown Artist:

An artwork of Scizor in mega form.


5. Pokemon Dream Team:

Pokemon dream team by mast3r-sword. Looks like they are all ready to roll.

6. Pokemon Adventure:

Pokemon adventure by sixth leaf clover. This artwork apparently depicts a scene from the game Pokémon mystery dungeon. The artwork has a magical feel to it.


7.  Pikachu:

This artwork by Belldia shows Pikachu looking quite happy to be on the grass with windmills in the background and a clear blue sky dotted with clouds. Looking at this artwork reminds me of a time when animals were free to roam about and enjoy our planet’s resources before humans started destroying their habitat and caging them.


8.  Lucario:

This artwork by Haychel shows Lucario doing Taichi. The shadows, posing and clouds in the background have all been done exceptionally well.


9.  Litten:

This artwork of litten by Silverfox5213 is really incredible. The level of realism is truly amazing. It’s almost as if you can reach into the screen and touch him while he silently judges you.


10. Dragonair:

This artwork of dragonair by catandcrown looks pretty creepy unlike how it is depicted in the Pokémon series. Still it is a very neat piece of work.


11. Leafeon:

This artwork by stormful shows leafeon in autumn with leaves falling around her. The colors and contrast between the falling leaves and the leaves on the ground is very nice.


12. Poliwag:

A cool artwork of poliwag standing on a rock by Joshua Dunlop. The eyes in particular look pretty realistic and her exterior looks quite glossy and is sort of like a shell.

13. Pokemon Lightning:

This artwork by bureika features, red, pikachu, blastoise, venasaur and charizard looking like they are ready to attack. The lightning streaks from Pikachu extending towards the other characters add a very nice effect to the artwork.

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