A Look At The Nintendo Comics System And Adventure Comics

The Nintendo comics system consisted of a number of comic books featuring Mario as well as other characters from the video games such as Zelda, Captain N and Samus Aran from Metroid. Captain N is based on the cartoon show and Zelda of course based on the Zelda series of video games. ┬áSamus Aran is featured in the Captain N comic books and and doesn’t have his own book.

Under the comics system series, there were four editions of super Mario bros, four editions of Captain N and also a series called adventures of the Super Mario Bros. In the Super Mario Series apart from Mario, the books also featured Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad and Bowser, the leader of the Koopa race. The Super Mario Bros series is based on the three games released on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Game Boy comic books were also based on Mario and featured a character by the name of Tatanga who could easily hypnotise people into doing his dirty work.

Apart from the comics system, Nintendo adventure books were also published. These books were also based on the video game characters and the reader makes decisions that change the end result of the book. Out of these 12 books only two are about Zelda and the rest are Mario books. The books also feature puzzles and a scoring system.
The books were published by Valiant comics which eventually went out of business and was acquired by Acclaim entertainment.

List of  Nintendo Adventure books:
Double Trouble by Clyde Bosco
Leaping Lizards by Clyde Bosco
Monster Mix-Up by Bill McCay
Koopa Capers by Bill McCay
Pipe Down! by Clyde Bosco
Doors to Doom by Bill McCay
Dinosaur Dilemma by Clyde Bosco
Flown the Koopa by Matt Wayne
The Crystal Trap by Matt Wayne
The Shadow Prince by Matt Wayne
Unjust Desserts by Matt Wayne
Brain Drain by Matt Wayne

1: Nintendo Super Mario Bros Comic


2. Nintendo Game Boy Series Comic


3. Legend Of Zelda Comic:



4. Nintendo Adventure Books Comic


Brain drain by Matt Wayne

5. Captain N Comic:


A Captain N comic featuring bounty hunter Samus Aran.